Monday, February 22, 2010

Sabbaday Falls (pt.1)

Winter has been very kind to those of us in New England this year. Minimal snow and spurts of stunningly beautiful sunny winter weather. We took advantage of just such a day on Saturday. We headed for the White Mountains, side tracked up the Kanc and headed on foot...well paw....up into the Sandwich Mountain Wilderness. It was a short hike into Sabbaday falls, then we continued up the river gulch for a few more miles after that.

The trail was well packed so the folks left their snowshoes in the van. Nice hike in, trail was kind to little dog legs. The falls were frozen into long ice stalactites,with an open pool of ice cold water below. We met a nice man taking pictures there. The trail beyond the falls, although slippery in spots, was magical, with several half frozen river crossing. Myself, not too crazy about the crossings. I ended up crossing on Dad's shoulder most of the time. The river ice was incredible, melting and dripping into abstract art.

We were making great time, lungs full of cool, fresh,winter air,headed into the sun, Dad and I up ahead. All of a sudden we looked back and Mom was falling backwards...."butt over tea kettle"....just a loud "WOMP" and down goes Mom. Did she really have her head down and NOT see the tree Dad ducked under??? Guess not. Noggin cracker! OUCH! When she regained her senses, and we looked down at the snow where she landed and her hat and hiking pole were still there, we all had a good laugh...yeah me too...big teeth smile....! We have so much fun together. We even stopped and took shadow pictures of us..."TEAM MOXIE"

As we descended back down towards the falls we came across a log where a hiker was sitting on when we passed him going up. There, on the log where he was sitting, was a tiny little Yorky snowman....looked just like me!!!!! Guess he was smitten with me! It was soooooo cute! We make lots of new friends on the trail. And this weather brings folks out of the woodwork. Great hike!

*Play videos even if screen is black*

Sabbaday Falls (pt.2)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Douglas Mountain (pt.1)

Sunday afternoon we were all itching to get out into some fresh air. So Mom threw a pack together and we jumped in the van and headed to an old favorite. Mt. Douglas. The air was clean and crisp and the sun bright in the very blue sky. A beautiful winter's day. On our way up the mountain we came across a frozen stream....well sort of frozen, you could hear and see the water flow under the ice. (see video)

The boyscouts have done a nice job putting in and maintaining a great loop trail up the mountain. There is a huge trail system throughout the area and the ski-doo "highway" (The ITS )runs right through there. The trails had plenty of snow but it was packed with just a dusting of powder on top, so the folks chose to hike instead of snowshoe. I chased rabbit and squirrel tracks all the way up and down.

There is a huge rock tower at the summit of the mountain. The stairs inside it were glare ice but we carefully made our way up it. The views to the surrounding mountains and down on Sebago lake were all you could ask for.

The scouts have orange blazed the trail very well so no chance of getting turned around up there. GREAT family hike in all seasons (bring a couple bucks for the trail maintenance can, donations are welcome)

I accepted a shoulder ride from Dad on the way out, my toes were getting chilly. Great way to shake off a little cabin fever .

Douglas Moutain (pt.2)