Monday, July 28, 2008

Georgiana Falls, Black Cap & The Basin

Well another perfect weekend in the life of an adventure dog. It started Friday night, while Me, my Mom and My Dad were asleep in the White mts. of N.H. I HEARD IT FIRST! ALERT! BARK, BARK wake up! There is a cow moose right outside of our van window! Sounds incredible, but really it happens to us all the time. Saturday we cooked breakfast on the Kanc and headed up to Lincoln N.H. We hiked way, way up to the top of Geargiana Falls and then further up to the upper Falls...then even further up to the most perfect swimming hole ever, and enjoyed the solitude! Stunning! Another night in the van, breakfast, then drove thru Crawford Notch...spectcular in every season, to Hurricane Mt. Road...not for the faint at heart! ...I LOVE IT!!!! We hiked up to top of Black cap, georgous rock top view. Lots of dayhikers (Saturday of course) A whole bunch of young girls (girlscouts???) passed me around on the trail, I just love the attention, They can't belive I've hiked all the way up there! HUH, if they only knew where I've been in my travels! Quick lunch then back to the van and off to The Basin. A stunning glacial pond in Stow. We did my first HUGE 10 mile hike around the rim a few weeks ago, but today we just paddled around the pond. Great afternoon to rest and reflect on another Perfect Weekend in the life of "Moxie, Adventure Dog"!