Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Camden Maine

"Come on Dad, park here, we're hikers!"
And hike we did!
Mom wanted to hike, Dad wanted to see the coast. As always we picked the perfect spot for both. Friday night we headed North, slept in the van just outside of Camden,Me. A clear crisp night. Perfect for snuggling in the van.
In the morning we headed for Camden Hills state park. We took one of several hiking trails to the top of Mt. Battie. There is an auto road to the top, but Mom says cars are for sissies! It was a very pleasant hike to the top. Up to the top of the tower on top we went. WOW what a view! There's your ocean Dad! Stunning!

From the top of the tower I could see Camden Harbor, Most of the summer boats gone or wrapped for winter.
On our way down we heard a woodpecker.tap,tap,tap, looking for his lunch. Oh there he is up there. Handsome fella.
Afternoon found us hiking up yet another summit. The sister mountain to Battie. Mt Megunticook. We stopped ,had a snack and a nice rest in the stunning beautiful sunny warm weather on the cliffs called Ocean Outlook. We could look down and see the tower and auto road on Mt. Battie. Really cool!

Our trip was rewarded with an enchanting sunset on our way home down the highway.