Tuesday, October 26, 2010

South and North Baldface

Follow me up into the Alpine zone on yet another epic adventure for Team Moxie. A loop hike up....and I do mean UP......and over both South and North Baldface mountains. We followed a brook trail part of the way up, in the shelter of the woods, avoiding the very gusty morning winds. The trail took us up the gulch of the brook and dumped us out onto wide open ledge. The guide book said 4 miles of open rock ledge, so off we went. The wind died down a bit and it was quite nice all the way up.....and I do mean UP....to the top of South Baldface.

The views were unsurpassed up above tree line. The trail turned into a series of rock cairns. Of course Dad stopped to do some stone repairs.

....up, up, up, UP, UP,UP.........
It was like hiking on the moon!.....did I mention UP, UP, UP?????
AHHHH, but the rewards so GRAND. The view of snow covered Mt. Washington in the distance took our breath away.WOW!!
Wind picked up on the top so we didn't stay long and headed down into the crag between the two mountains and then, wind dieing back down, up.....yes, UP again, and over North Baldface.Stopped for a few quick pictures of the views and some really cool zigzag rock formations, then boot scoot down the very steep backside of the mountain and managed to out run the sun. But boy, these little Yorkie legs are feeling it now. Well worth every step. One of the most epic hikes of the year for us and we would highly recommend it to those of you seasoned hikers who want to do some jaw dropping rock scrambles.