Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Steep Falls

Happy Holidays everyone. Just wanted to share a little hike we took, in between shopping trips. We walked up the Saco river to Steep Falls. We have taken this walk in all seasons, in all kinds of weather. This time we were amazed at the ice that had formed on the base of everything. A virtual high water/ice mark. Brrrr does that water look COLD!

The ice formed into long crystal-like formations, like chandeliers. So pretty.

The water was high and pounding down over the falls.Gotta love winter in New England.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Hey everyone, been busy, busy with holiday preperations. Hope your all enjoying the seson.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Camden Maine

"Come on Dad, park here, we're hikers!"
And hike we did!
Mom wanted to hike, Dad wanted to see the coast. As always we picked the perfect spot for both. Friday night we headed North, slept in the van just outside of Camden,Me. A clear crisp night. Perfect for snuggling in the van.
In the morning we headed for Camden Hills state park. We took one of several hiking trails to the top of Mt. Battie. There is an auto road to the top, but Mom says cars are for sissies! It was a very pleasant hike to the top. Up to the top of the tower on top we went. WOW what a view! There's your ocean Dad! Stunning!

From the top of the tower I could see Camden Harbor, Most of the summer boats gone or wrapped for winter.
On our way down we heard a woodpecker.tap,tap,tap, looking for his lunch. Oh there he is up there. Handsome fella.
Afternoon found us hiking up yet another summit. The sister mountain to Battie. Mt Megunticook. We stopped ,had a snack and a nice rest in the stunning beautiful sunny warm weather on the cliffs called Ocean Outlook. We could look down and see the tower and auto road on Mt. Battie. Really cool!

Our trip was rewarded with an enchanting sunset on our way home down the highway.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

South and North Baldface

Follow me up into the Alpine zone on yet another epic adventure for Team Moxie. A loop hike up....and I do mean UP......and over both South and North Baldface mountains. We followed a brook trail part of the way up, in the shelter of the woods, avoiding the very gusty morning winds. The trail took us up the gulch of the brook and dumped us out onto wide open ledge. The guide book said 4 miles of open rock ledge, so off we went. The wind died down a bit and it was quite nice all the way up.....and I do mean the top of South Baldface.

The views were unsurpassed up above tree line. The trail turned into a series of rock cairns. Of course Dad stopped to do some stone repairs.

....up, up, up, UP, UP,UP.........
It was like hiking on the moon!.....did I mention UP, UP, UP?????
AHHHH, but the rewards so GRAND. The view of snow covered Mt. Washington in the distance took our breath away.WOW!!
Wind picked up on the top so we didn't stay long and headed down into the crag between the two mountains and then, wind dieing back down, up.....yes, UP again, and over North Baldface.Stopped for a few quick pictures of the views and some really cool zigzag rock formations, then boot scoot down the very steep backside of the mountain and managed to out run the sun. But boy, these little Yorkie legs are feeling it now. Well worth every step. One of the most epic hikes of the year for us and we would highly recommend it to those of you seasoned hikers who want to do some jaw dropping rock scrambles.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sawyer Pond/Sawyer River loop hike

After a perfect nights sleep in the van and a great breakfast we headed up the Sawyer pond trail to a glacial pond off the Kancamangus highway in N.H. The trail was just drippng in fall colors and the trees heavy with fall fungi....some as big as a yorkie!,

From the pond the views up to Owl Cliffs.............and Mt. Tremont were stunning, awash with blue sky and bright foliage.We checked out the shelter and some of the tent sites there but being midday we did not stay. We were glad to see that the shelter guest had properly hung their food bag, away from any resident bear.
We hiked beyond the pond to the river........
....crossed a really cool foot bridge...........and took a left onto the Sawyer river trail.
Dad cooked us lunch at the river.......

I helped myself to some cool clear river water, slurp, slurp.

We were lost in the color of the trees, the incredible fall breeze and the fairly forgiving trail.....

"This way....woof,woof!"Miles and miles of "trail tunnel", "I'm right on your heels,Mom."
We took a cross country ski trail back towards where we started. Just about sundown we set up the tent on the edge of an old log landing
Dad cooked us dinner and we slept, tarp off under the stars and full moon. The perfect fall overninght hike for Team Moxie. In the morning we hiked back out to the road and I hitched a ride on Dad's pack for the short road walk back to the van. PLEASE get out and see the foliage of New England, it's a short season.....and SPECTACULAR!