Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I am so thankful for so many things. I am thankful for my family and all my friends. I am thankful for good food and a warm home to live in. I am thankful for the opportunity to run and play and hike and canoe and swim. I am thankful for the sunshine and the moonlight and the change of seasons and even the rain and snow. I am thankful for all of life's beauties to enjoy and it's mishaps to learn by. Most of all I am thankful to have been born Moxie the Adventure Dog. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and THANK YOU, for sharing my blog and all my adventures.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Ossipee Hill

Headed out vantrippin on Sunday. Stopped for a quick "sprint" up Ossipee Hill. There is a firetower up there. Last time Mom, Dad and I went up there was in the middle of last winter. They snowshoed up, I rode cozy in Mom's coat. I say "sprint" because it is a fairly easy hike up a service/tote road.

We climbed half way up the tower for one quick picture and got hit with an enormous wind gust! Woosh! Dad lost his hat & Mom had a panic attack over being up so high and because the tower was swaying, it all happened so fast. Dad finally talked Mom into decending so we could all get out of the wind!

We took a little shortcut through the woods coming down, finding lots of cool rock formations and mosses. Once we got back to the tote road I ran circles around Mom and Dad...literally (see video) Driving home that afternoon we stopped at Bond Mountain Spring, roadside, and filled our water jugs....ummm ummm cool clear moutain water Adventure dog's favorite!

Ossipee Hill (cont.)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pine Bend Brook Trail

Oh, the Sandwich range calls again, like so many other times this summer. Actually it rained...cold rain,( not always a warm rain ha! ha! )....all day Saturday so we all headed to Portland to do some fall shopping. Mom's been fall cleaning so we got alot of new house stuff, like new towels and shower curtain ect. ect. I got a new hair dryer...yep Dad gives me a nice blow dry after my bath this time of year. It makes me fluffy and shiny. Which leads me into what we did Sunday....
Why does an adventure dog need to be fluffy and shiny when we end up hiking in the Sandwhich range..it's soooooo steep and rocky....I just make a mess of it all!
We stopped at Chocorua Lake on the way north. Got a great picture of Mt. Chocorua engulfed in a rain cloud. It rained on and off all morning until we were parking the van...perfect. We headed up Pine Bend Brook Trail off the Kanc. in NH. Awesome brookside trail. The water was huge due to all the rain. SWEET! The rain brought all kinds of fall mushrooms as well.
About half way in we entered the Sandwhich range, and ,as always, straight up we went. Guide book says very steep, guide book is ALWAYS right. I do good on the ups. Mom and Dad, not so good. But I wait for them to catch up, after all they're carring the food! We hit freezing rain above 3000 feet, so when it let up we stopped and cooked lunch..my favorite part! Being "woods smart" hikers we did not summit. Down we headed with plenty of time to meander before the,now early, sunset. I took turns following Mom and Dad down through the moss covered rocks and the woods. We're all part of "Team Moxie" off on another Great Adventure.

Pine Bend Brook Trail (cont.)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Day at the Beach

Even an adventure dog like myself has to give up at least part of a fall weekend to do yard chores with my folks. But we did manage to get in a day at the beach....go East until you get your toes wet!. I just love the beach! I love to run to the seagulls,and away from the waves. I just love to run! And the beach is the place to do it. Besides it's the first weekend of hunting season and it's best to steer away from the woods until "Elmer Fudd" gits hiz kill! Funny thing is we saw deer tracks on the beach...smarter than Mr. Fudd????

I found a huge lobster on the beach, a few hours fresher and we'd have eaten him... yup I love seafood too! I saw lots of seagulls and a comorant with "batman"wings on a large peice of driftwood with a whole string of gulls. I even chased a crow into flight.

The sun set, casting brillant color all around us...STUNNING! And our weekend ends with a clean yard and lungs full of crisp fall ocean air. AWESOME.

A Day at the Beach