Friday, February 13, 2009

Mt. Bond snowshoe (pt.1)

Fifty degrees in February, we'll take it! We went to Bond Mt. springs. We get water from the roadside spring there whenever we go by . This time Mom & Dad strapped on their snowshoes and up the hiking trail we went. We went up,up,up beyond any other tracks. PHEW, this dog is a bit out of shape from being a lap dog all winter. But so refreshing! And gorgeous! We passed real close to a deer on the way in.

The folks found a perfect lunch spot. Dad cooked soup, I dove into Mom's pack for a snack...they always bring me snacks when we hike! Then while they had lunch I went head first into a snow hole after some sort of varmint. I know he was in there, this nose,knows! Dig! Dig! Dig!...SHAKE...Dig,Dig,Dig! It was an awesome day to be in the woods, on a mountain, in the sun, sniffing out varmint, LOVE IT!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Adirondacks (pt.1)

Yep, road trip to New York. Not New York City, you all know I'm a country dog, Nope, we headed way, way over to the Adirondacks. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL AREA! This was mostly an "exploring the area trip." You'll hear a lot more about this area in years to come, Mom has some adventuring on her mind...and you know Mom...when she makes plans, we conquer mountains...literally!
One thing she has planned is to hike part of the Northville/Placid Trail this Spring. The whole trail is 133 miles long, to Mom & Dad that's nothing, huh, but they can't take that much time off work this spring, so she'd like to take us on the first 40 miles anyway. I've never hiked that far at once...I CAN'T WAIT!!!!! We drove to the trail head to get familiar with the area.
We made it all the way to Old Forge,NY by sundown, ( the Northern Forest Canoe Trail starts here, another trip, another time...stay tuned) Pulled into town just in time to watch a spectacular fireworks show over the frozen lake. It was their Winter Carnival, what perfect timing. It was an unusually warm night, misting rain, so we slept in the van.But by sunup the temps dropped and it started to snow so we boot-scooted out of the mountains. Took our time driving home. We came through Lake George,NY and saw the big tour cruise boats that steam the lake in the summer full of tourist. Definatly a family summer vacation spot.
Saw lots of deer driving through Vermont too. We stopped at Clarendon Gorge and walked down to the suspension bridge across the gorge. The Appalachian/ Long trail comes through here........Mom and Dad were here in 2004!!!!!
An "early rise" full moon to guide us back was so good to FINALLY "get out of town"!!!!

Adirondacks (pt.2)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mt. Aggie (pt.1)

A moutain on the coast? Actually yes, Mt. Agamenticus in Ogunquit, Me. It's the highest point of land on a coastal plain from Maine to Costa Rica. It's only 692 feet above sea level but on a clear day, from the top, you can see from Mt. Washington, north, to Boston, south. We hike it alot, in every season. On this day we decided to snowshoe a four mile loop around the middle of the moutain. We didn't summit, but instead, spent alot of time in the woods.
We were all struck at how much damage was done to the trees on the mountain from the ice storm a few weeks ago, damage everywhere! It is so sad to us, we love "our" trees!
We headed up the trail, Mom & Dad on snowshoes. I was light enough to run across the top of the snow crust. And run, I did. Run, run, run. I just love it! Stopping.........not so easy. Lots of "slide stops".(see video) When the folks stopped to rest, they take their snowshoes off and sit on them, I sit on one of their packs. We have a good routine in the woods, after all we spend so much time out there.
We stopped on Second Hill and Dad cooked us coffee and chicken noodle soup, I also got "beggin bacon strips" favorite snack! It was a beautiful afternoon in the winter woods. I took turns riding on Dad's shoulder or in Mom's coat on the trip back to the van. I, Moxie Adventure Dog, must be the only "husky" (ha! ha!) Who gets to ride instead of pulling a sled! I LOVE MY LIFE!

Mt. Aggie (pt.2)