Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy Birthday

Today is my 6th birthday. I have lived the most incredible life for a 4 pound Yorkie and I look forward to the years to come follow me on many more adventures........but today I rest and EAT CAKE....Happy Birthday to me!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

picures go with yesterday's written blog ( below)

End of an epic journey.

Well I've adjusted back to "town" living and and comfortable back in my own bed. As promised I'd like to fill in a few spaces on the end of our trip.
Last I posted we were in Jackman Maine over the 4th of July holiday. We left there via the Moose river and down to Long Lake. Mom threw up a sail made from her rain poncho and we sailed Long lake in what had to be record time.
We then crossed the Brassaus in head on wind, slowing our progress.....but enabled us to see something swimming across the lake. A moose? a beaver?....Nope a BEAR. Second one of the trip.
At Rockwood we had to hold up for a day to wait for our food box to arrive. We "parked" the boat and took the ferry out to Mt. Kineo and hiked to the top. Run run run, pant pant was awesome to take a day off canoeing to hike and run, woof woof, happy dog.
Sunrise paddle on Moosehead lake to escape the winds and waves that held us ashore on our first attempt to cross.
The famous northeast carry, took us to the Penobscot river and Chesuncook lake. We hiked again on short trail that lead to the old Chesuncook village and bought we 2 root beer from John the proprietor of the tiny store there,
We finally met our match at Mud pond carry. 3 miles of knee deep mud and tons of horseflies. Mom & Dad saw to it that the boat and gear got through...I fended for myself, even taking time to chase a huge rabbit.
We entered the Allagash Wilderness Waterway at Churchill Lake. And spent the whole time in picture perfect weather. Paddling on and off with a few groups of kids from a camp in Alton NH. Great group and they all love little Moxie me!
The Rangers at Churchill dam were awesome and we ran Chase rapids while they portaged our gear. I bet I'm the first Yorkshire terrier to ever do that!!!!!! We saw lots of moose and eagles and other wildlife.The Allagash river and Allagash falls continued to WOW us and took us to our final river,the St. John which is Canada on the left bank and USA on the right.
On July 18th 2011 at 8:00 am we paddled into Ft. Kent Maine and I went down the record books as the first dog to ever complete the Northern Forest Canoe Trail.......oh what could be in store next for moxie the Adventure dog, that one's gonna be hard to top. Pictures to follow.