Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Steepfalls River Trail (cont)

Steepfalls River Trail

Steepfalls River Trail,read the sign. Actually a ski-doo trail. Mom and Dad strapped on snowshoes and I bulked up my three inch "Moxie" legs and off we went. A bit up the trail we headed "off trail". This is where I have to ride on Dad's shoulder.(ref. to three inch legs) It was soooo warm out, 58 degrees! The snow was deep and wet. But what an awesome day to be a "snow adventurer"!

There was fog on the river and more fog engulfed a cornfield we crossed. Warm air...Cold snow...FOG! Very Cool!

We came to a steep gully. Mom broke trail and went first, then me,PHEW! What a struggle! (see video...note Mom, filming, breathing heavy from her climb up!) Dad brought up the rear.

Our last adventure of 2008! Perfect end to a perfect year!...This adventure Dog is wiggling in her pants in anticipation of what NEXT year will bring. Happy New Year Everyone!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ice Storm '08

...... there, just shakin off the cold of this weekend and what a Cold one it was. Incase you haven't heard the East got blanketed in ice!!! Power Out! Hopefully if your reading this right now your power is back on too. Took us 2 1/2 days. So we did what we do on a Moxie "ice" adventure.

Woke Friday to our yard encased in ice..trees & shrubs all tipped over. Even my favorite outdoor toy, Mr. Parachute Man,(we call him Jeremy) was coated in ice. His hands were iceballs! (see pic) Power out , no work, so we jumped in the van and drove everywhere! The ice was both beautiful and devestating. Where the sun hit it in spots it was like pouring rain.(watch video)

We drove way up to Ft. William Henry and Pemiquid Point...less ice but CCCOOOOLLLDDD!!!!!wind chill below zero, no wonder we were alone! Great fort and lighthouse. Old cemetary with graves dateing back to 1704. Me and Dad explored and took pictures of the old headstones. Mom...oh back in the van, refer to CCCOOLLLDDD!!!

Really a beautiful weekend and only one night in the van before house power came back on. Hope all of you faired well too.

PS. We had a Christmas miracle (?) ...Mom was telling an old freind about a good deed we did this summer...helping out stranded hikers, well her friend left and Mom turned on the computer...low and behold an e-mail from those same hikers! they just got a computer! So good to hear from you Ryan & Brett. Happy you and all.
PSS.Big hugs to big brother Jeremy, looks like he'll be stuck overseas till after Christmas. UGH! we love you Jer WOOF! WOOF!

Ice Storm '08 (cont)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Gift Wrapping

Up to my dog elbows in gift wrapping...stayed tuned next week for more adventuring!

Monday, December 1, 2008

First Snow

SNOW!!!!!!!!!!! Snow, wonderful snow, marvelous snow. SNOW! SNOW! SNOW! Get the hint? Yep,we headed north this weekend to the Whites in NH because the folks heard there was snow up there, folks heard right. Our first snowshoe trip of the year, well Mom snowshoed, I walked on top of the snow and Dad fell through alot. We all had great fun at it regardless of our method of travel.

We headed out across a half frozen bog that was surrounded by moutains, following a x-country ski trail. It was a beautiful afternoon. We headed up West Ledge and stopped part way up and cooked an awesome lunch. Mom says there's nothing like boiling water for coffee in the woods, Mom and Dad LOVE coffee, and when they're happy, so is this adventure dog!

I rode part way back across the bog on Dad's shoulder and followed Mom the rest of the way. Our first winter adventure in the snow......winter fun makes me hungry!

Great day! On the way back south we took pictures, yet again, of ole Mt. Chocoura, from the bridge on Chocoura lake. This time Mom got a wicked cool picture. (see pic below) you can see the frozen tip of the mountain, reflected in the unfrozen water at the bridge. click on pic to enlarge for better view.

We got a day of Christmas shopping in this weekend....have you started your shopping yet?

First Snow (cont.)