Sunday, May 2, 2010

Oliverian Brook Trail pt(1)

Spring is bursting out everywhere. Dad had to work out of town this weekend so Mom and I set off on a mission to welcome and explore the wonders of spring that are unfurling before us.
Off to the White Mountains. We chose the Oliverian Brook Trail. An awesome hike up the gulch of the brook. The trail starts out walking through an enchanting pine forrest tunnel, the scent of pine and spring welcomed us right off. Around here nature rules. Some busy spring beavers had dammed up a small pond with the trail in the middle of it. We had to pick our way across the dam to the other side. They are crafty critters!
Up the side of the brook we hiked for miles. We saw evidence of winter winds, alot of tree damage. There were small patches of snow still hideing from the spring sun. And yet, everywhere were brand new plants and leaves. Sure signs of the new season.
We set up for lunch on a small sandbar on the edge of the river. A FABULOUS girls day out....10 mile spring brook hike...HEAVEN!

Oliverian Brook Trail pt(2)