Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Northern Forest Canoe Trail 10th Anniversary & Dunn Falls

This weekend we headed up to the Lakes regions of Rangeley Maine to help the Northern Forest Canoe Trail organisation celebrate their 10th anniversary. What a weekend it turned out to be.
One of the events going on on Saturday was a combined paddling effort from people from NY to Maine totally 740 miles (the actual length of the trail) We pledged 12 miles. Well Mom & Dad ended up paddling 12.5 miles on Rangeley lake...a total per canoe miles of 25! The N.F.C.T. reached their goal and then some.
We stopped for a quick breakfast on a small beach. The resident duck came to greet us. I had fun playing with her.
We made a complete crossing of the lake and Dad spun the canoe around smack dab in the middle of the lake for a panoramic view of the Saddleback Mountain and the area surrounding the lake.

With 12.5 paddling miles, each, under our belt, we loaded the canoe onto the van and walked through downtown Rangely. There were many canoe ect. activities going on. We met alot of people. I put on my best " Moxie cute" face and made alot of friends.

Late afternoon we headed over to the Lumbermans museum as they were celebrating their own weekend. We saw a car there with a bumpa' sticka' with MY name on it!
Dinner was held at the base lodge of Saddleback mountain. BBQ...yum. Lots of presentations and congrats to N.F.C.T. for 10 years of "Dreams come true" We personally want to thank everyone, because next year Mom, Dad and I are going to thru canoe the whole 740 mile trail!!!!!

Sunday morning found us at the Coos Canyon picnic area for another fabulous breakfast.
Sunday afternoon part way home we hiked down into Dunn falls....If you ever find yourself between Andover Me, and Upton, Me. these falls are a MUST see. A mile hike down the falls. step after step of waterfalls. The mist from the falls keep us cool and we all had fun playing in the water. This weekend we crossed path of the Appalachian Trail a few times as well as a couple of encounters with the N.F.C.T.
Maine is such a beautiful, diverse state. We love it and are getting to know it very well! (watch videos even if they appear black)

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Ocean by canoe

This weekend was a bit of a wash for an adventure dog. Dad had to work all weekend and it was .....well...the "Dog days of summer" hot, So Mom and I hung low at home,just trying to be cool and not feel housebound. In the end Dad came through for us. He got out of work Sunday night and loaded up the canoe, seems like Mom and I were in for an adventure after all.
Down the road a piece to Ogunquit, where we threw the canoe into the tidal Ogunquit river, just as the sun was going down. The tide was headed out so we rode the river down till we exploded into the ocean......WOW never done that before!

After the initial shock of the busting surf , the folks paddled us out beyond any crashing waves and we rolled in the surf like...well.... a bathtub toy.

We paddled along the shore back to wenced we came and in the last bit of daylight we rode a wave into the beach with a force big enough to toss this little dog around. Mom and dad proved,once again that they can take me on adventures and keep me afloat, on land, lake and sea! I love my life!
Play video even if appears black.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mt. Okemo, a day at the races.

Off on another road trip. This time Dad choose our adventure. We headed to a hill climb race up Mt.Okemo in Vermont. He is friends with some of the guys racing. In the winter these mountains they race, are ski slopes.

The big adventure to us is being able to hike up the mountains in the summer to watch the race. The views are always spectacular.

We took the scenic drive home through Vt. & N.H. We stopped at the Haproon brewery....but I didn't have my doggie I.D. so we didn't stay ha ha! Always an adventure with TeamMoxie.

We also drove through Hanover NH. Mom & Dad pointed out to me the Appalacian trail blazes on the telephone poles. Hanover is one of the few towns that the trail actually goes straight through town.They were remembering their 2004 Appalacian Trail thu hike.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Monson and Greenville Maine

Happy Fourth of July . I hope everyone had a fun and safe weekend. The weather here in New England couldn't have been bought...just beautiful.
We headed North to Monson so my Mom could spend her birthday weekend with her dad, up at his "camp".
Monson Maine, on the shores of Hebron Lake. An Appalachian trail town, home to the Shaw's and the Pie Lady. It is also known world wide for the slate that was mined there for years...Monson Slate.
We stayed in the van, lakeside, Friday night and then joined family for a great camp breakfast. I got to hang out with Grampa's dog Humble, he is a terrier too and we get along just splendid.
Mom and Dad and I did some exploring Saturday morning. We found an old slate quarry and poked around. Then we dove into Greenville on Moosehead Lake. We saw seaplanes on the lake...wicked cool. We shopped around a few stores, yep, they let this adventure dog into the stores too...too cute to refuse...I guess.
In town there were a couple of stone monuments, with quotes from Thoreau and native Indians. Of course I posed for the photo shoot. We visited the historical society museum there too.

Afternoon found us back at camp for a BBQ and bonfire. Such a beautiful weekend, and for once, relaxing. Sunday we took an early morning paddle across Hebron Lake, we could see Grampa out walking Humble on shore. We saw lots of frogs too. Relaxing with family refreshes this dog for my next big adventure...stay tuned.