Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Adirondack Adventures (pt.1)

Moxie's Adirondack Adventure.

Grab a cup of coffee, I've a lot to share. We just got back from a fantabulous vacation in the Adirondack. I have LOTS of pictures and videos to share with short :

Food dried and packed, van loaded with hiking and canoeing gear and off we went, headed to N.Y. state. We began by hiking a section of the Northville/Placid trail to the town of Long Lake. A three day planned hike only took us two days. Even with my little legs it was a lot of low land hiking and much easier than what we're used to. Folks say " That's why it's called VACATION!" ha! ha!

Next we canoed a wilderness waterway up to Low's Dam. Desolate....Perfect. On to Forked Lake. A State park with "canoe-to only" campsites. 87 sites, only 2 occupied...perfect,

Mid-week we did a day hike around Whetstone Gorge. Grand Canyon of the east, spectacular. And cool,breezy,perfect hiking weather.

One day of rain made for a shopping day in Old Forge and a walk in the rain out to Sagamore, the Vandabuilt "camp" HUH! We got pictures but no invite to come in?????? We even snuck in a little afternoon fly fishing on the Moose river.

Our last day we canoed a good piece of the West Branch of the Sacandaga River. It meandered in and around an incredible wetland area.

We got in lots of other little side trips as well. I just LOVE this thing they call "VACATION" Wish we could do it all the time...aaahh!!

Adirondack Adventure (pt.2)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Out of touch,out of town.

Hey everyone, it's me Moxie. Just a quick note to update everyone. We've been off on a great Adirondack adventure. We've been in the woods for 9 days, and we left all modern technologies at home. Sorry to keep you all hanging. Me and Mom are putting together all our pics and videos and will be posting our blog of "Moxie's Great Adirondack Adventures" by mid-week....stay tuned. We had a BLAST!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Salt marsh, garden & Little Ossipee (pt.1)

We decided to stay in the area this weekend, giving us a chance to plant our garden. We plant in buckets....easy care for "us on the go."........ There, all the sets are in, tomatoes doing great, and look my giant red amaryllis has begun to open too. Time for an afternoon paddle and a hop through the marsh.....I do mean hop(see video) That marsh grass is tall! I decided to hitch a ride on Dad's shoulder until we got back in the canoe. On our paddle up the tidal river we spotted a Great Blue Heron as it flew up into the marsh. Mom got some pictures of it in flight. Me and Dad were watching the heron when SWOSH! a huge...I mean HUGE,owl fly over us and into a tree, then another one,it's mate perhaps. Dad ever so slowly scouted the area silently in the canoe until Mom got the perfect picture of the ever elusive Great Horned Owl. It was way up in the tree, but I tucked into the canoe...never know if a little yorkie like me might look like a snack to a pair of birds that large! Home for the night, another check on that amaryllis. Sunday morning we took the canoe to Little Ossipee Lake and paddled the length of it down to the island. I brought my "canoe tent" but the weather was perfect so I didn't need to use it. Big wind paddling back, but I think the folks are getting use to that! Home again to find my amaryllis fully open...BEAUTIFUL!

Salt marsh,garden & Little Ossipee (pt.2)