Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sawyer Pond/Sawyer River loop hike

After a perfect nights sleep in the van and a great breakfast we headed up the Sawyer pond trail to a glacial pond off the Kancamangus highway in N.H. The trail was just drippng in fall colors and the trees heavy with fall fungi....some as big as a yorkie!,

From the pond the views up to Owl Cliffs.............and Mt. Tremont were stunning, awash with blue sky and bright foliage.We checked out the shelter and some of the tent sites there but being midday we did not stay. We were glad to see that the shelter guest had properly hung their food bag, away from any resident bear.
We hiked beyond the pond to the river........
....crossed a really cool foot bridge...........and took a left onto the Sawyer river trail.
Dad cooked us lunch at the river.......

I helped myself to some cool clear river water, slurp, slurp.

We were lost in the color of the trees, the incredible fall breeze and the fairly forgiving trail.....

"This way....woof,woof!"Miles and miles of "trail tunnel", "I'm right on your heels,Mom."
We took a cross country ski trail back towards where we started. Just about sundown we set up the tent on the edge of an old log landing
Dad cooked us dinner and we slept, tarp off under the stars and full moon. The perfect fall overninght hike for Team Moxie. In the morning we hiked back out to the road and I hitched a ride on Dad's pack for the short road walk back to the van. PLEASE get out and see the foliage of New England, it's a short season.....and SPECTACULAR!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sandwich Dome

HAPPY DOG! wag, wag, wag. Packs packed, Team Moxie is going hiking!!!!

Fall is here and it's time to hit the mountains. Our first choice of the fall was Sandwich Mountain,also known as Sandwich Dome....formerly known as Black Mountain. (We always do a little research on the area we are adventuring to) We chose a loop trail and headed up the Bennett St. trail, guide book says,a little longer, but not as steep......we'll talk STEEP! The trail began with a mild incline up along Pond Brook, It was a beautiful fall day and although the water level was quite low, the Grand Falls were still impressive. Mom got videos from the bottom and then again from the top.
I nearly fell into a bear paw print in the mud........
The track was the size of my Dad's hand !!!!!!We saw a caterpillar, that was so pretty, one can just imagine the beautiful butterfly it will turn into.
THEN.....the trail began to get steep, REALLY STEEP, phew!
Our reward was the view from the summit. It was stunning, overlooking the Waterville Valley and the Presidential Range. The air up there was crisp and clean.

Mom made us lunch while I took a little nap on Dad's....well...."napsack". After lunch and a short doggy snooze we headed down the EVEN STEEPER Gleason trail. Legs burning all the way down. First hour was straight down then we were able to enjoy more of nature's wonders like this fungi.
Another scenic ride home, sore legs all the way around but lungs full of crisp fall air. Look out mountains of New England here we come...stay tuned.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Woe is me!

My Mom was sick with a cold all weekend so our adventureing was put on hold, BUMMER! But stay tuned....we'll be back hiking next weekend, wag wag, happy dog :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A day in Vermont

It's always an adventure with Moxie. This weekend started out like most. Van packed for a weekend full of adventure. Being a holiday weekend we headed north away from the swarms of tourists on the coast.

Friday night we drove as far as Lincoln NH , sleeping in the van at the Appalachian Trail head. Mom says the AT just keeps giving back to us. During the night the hurricane named Earl passed over us with high winds and rain....but not nearly as bad as first predicted. Earl was a girl!

Saturday morning the rain stopped, the fog lifted and we continued on up to the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. A reminiscing trip for Mom through Waterford where she grew up. Lower Waterford a.k.a. White village was our first stop. Rabbit Hill Inn and the old library, so many memories.

We continued on to the old round barn next to where Mom grew up. Still there.....still impressive!

Our journey wound through Island Pond, a stop along the route of the old Montreal Canada/Portland Maine railroad.

A quick stop at the 45th parallel marker, half way between the Equator and the North Pole.We made it to Lake Francis, right on the Canadian border. Still gusty winds prevented us from canoeing. But the water levels were so low that we were able to walk for miles on the now exposed shores of the lake. So beautiful.

On our way back south, late afternoon we chased a rainbow (double rainbow, look close, over the barn) for quite awhile.........

.......Then it happened, in Littleton NH, Old Blue, our van, broke down. Sunday tuned into a long town walk looking for help and van parts. Pieced together enough to limp Blue home, we crossed our fingrs, and paws, and used up all the good luck from the rainbow and made the best of it, taking time to video tape a waterfall and coverd bridge and to film the passing Conway Scenic railroad and we all made it home safely....I told you, it's ALWAYS an adventure with me, Moxie.