Monday, January 18, 2010

Singepole Mt.,Camp Callahan & The Roost (pt.1)

Finally the full throes of winter are upon us and our winter adventuring kicked off full swing this weekend. We started by hike/snowshoeing up Singepole Mt. in South Paris, Me. It was a fun trip up. We summited part on hiking trail and part on ski-doo trail.The views from the top were winter beautiful and the mountains in the distance had a purple hue to them. Mom & Dad made shadow pictures in the bright white snow, and took pictures.
From there we drove to the road, that led to the trail, that eventually took us up to Camp Callahan or as they call the "trail" in "WOEBEGONE" Lane. It belongs to a friend Mom works with. We stayed and watched the sunset from their oil lamp lit, wood stove heated camp. PERFECT! Thank you Callahans, very gracious hosts. We snowshoed out from the camp in the dark with just headlamps. We drove north and stayed in the van Saturday night. Sunday morning we made our way to the Gilead end of Evan's Notch. The road in is closed in the winter, so we hiked in, up along the Wild River to the suspension bridge that leads to the Wild River Wilderness. We've crossed it in all seasons now. Back tracking a bit to the trail head, we headed straight up the trail leading to the "Roost", a rock hummock with views of the White Mountains. We cooked lunch up there. Long mosey back to the van, I rode on Dad's shoulder whenever there was deep snow It was an awesome winter adventure weekend for "Team Moxie" (Mom, Dad & Me)

Singepole Mt.,Camp Callahan & The Roost (pt.2)