Monday, April 4, 2011

Northern Forest Canoe Trail 2011

Hello everyone, I hope you all have wintered well. It was a good old fashioned New England winter this year. Perfect weather to hunker down and set to planning my next big adventure. This summer my Mom turns 50 and Dad and I have decided to take her into the back country on a paddling expedition. Our goal is to thru-paddle the Northern Forest Canoe being the navigator of course. The trail is the old Indian water route, that entails 740 miles of connecting rivers and lakes (including 60 plus miles of portages) N.F.C.T starts in Old Forge New York in the beautiful Adirondacks and continues North and East through Vermont, Quebec and New Hampshire, ending with 350 miles in our own beautiful state of Maine. Please check out for more information about the trail.
Our plans are to leave Old Forge around Memorial day and hope to be home snug in my own bed by Labor day. We have spent the winter dreaming of spending the summer camping, living out of our canoe and can not wait for our trip to begin. the mean time I have spent all winter watching Mom and Dad prepare food. Like these cream soup and spaghetti sauce rolls ups...
.....and fruit (like these pineapples) that they dried in our food dehydrator.
There was also much food to be bought...
....sorted, portioned and repackaged.....( I see Mom packed plenty of food for me!)

....and some packed for shipping up ahead. Then all the gear had to be planned out, researched, reviewed, bought, weighed and tested.

This is a special year for all of us and it kicked off with a March "Super Moon" and we feel blessed to have such a beauty hanging over us as we paddle Mom into her 50th year.

From now until we leave, we'll finish up last minute details and dream........of summer..... and the epic adventure that is about to unfold for "Team Moxie" Please stay tuned............