Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wild River

Wild River (part 1)

(Play video above) Hi, it's me, Moxie,...follow me back across this suspension bridge and I'll take you on a 20 miles hike up the Wild River and show you some spectacular fall foliage. We hiked for hours and finally ran into one person, a woman. Her trail name was Gourmet Gert. She has thru hiked the AT two times. She was out for a 10 day "vacation" on her own in the woods. Our kind of people! The foliage was at it's peak and just BEAUTIFUL! And because of the rain there were lots of mushrooms...I blended right into it all with my orange rain coat. There was lots of mud too. Mom went right up to her knee in the mud..OOOOOPS! Hiking was awesome, the rain held out until we were snug in our tent, close...but not too close! ...to a brook. The a little storm named Kyle past us during the night. Buckets and buckets of warm tropical rain. By morning our "little brook" turned into a "ragging river!" (see last two videos) We had to ford one river crossing on the way out that was up to Mom's belly, I rode on Dad's shoulder. On our way in we crossed 5 or 6 streams, I crossed them by myself! Another wicked adventurous weekend...my first 20 mile weekend!

Wild River (part 2)

Wild River (part 3)

To the hiker we picked up and took to Pinkham Notch Center, your in this picture. We'd love to send you a copy.. contact us through this blog. Happy Hiking!

To Howie with the Mt. Washington smart car: Got your note on my blog...good to see you...well ,your car, again. We also headed up the highwater trail for the whole weekend. Another "Moxie" adventure...keep checking in on my blog for new adventures and hope to see you out in the Whites again, you must love it here as much as we do!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Big Rock Cave/Whitten Brook

Bear!.........but we'll get back to that later. Mom & Dad both had to work Sunday, so we just planned a day hike on Saturday. Back up to the Sandwhich Range in New Hampshire. We hiked up the Big Rock Cave Trail to, yup..Big Rock Cave...AND HOW!!!! Big cave formation created when the glaciers deposited huge granite erratics in a giant jumbled pile. It was such fun exploring. I bet indian kids lived and played there years ago. We continued on to Whitten Brook trail and followed the brook for awhile. I got to hop across lots of brook crossings. Dad says I'm getting really good at it...better than Mom! We cooked lunch at one of the brook crossings, we just sat and ate and watched the little waterfalls, so tranquil, so peaceful, I slept in Mom's lap. It was a nice ridge walk in the afternoon with more "downs" than "ups". Great day, perfect cool fall hiking weather. Dad and I stopped because we heard a noise in the woods, I thought it might be a chipmunk, it got louder, Dad thought it was a deer at first then he got a glimps of it and still thought it was a hiker and his dog, IT GOT LOUDER....Mom saw IT...well ,THEM, first. BEAR>>>WITH CUB!!!!! Mom's survival instincts set in, first she yelled "Moxie SIT DOWN!"...I did, I didn't really know why she was hollerin but I knew she ment it! Then as the bears were running towards us...not charging just running at us not knowing we were there, Well Mom give another holla " BEAR...SHOO BEAR...GO AWAY...and she banged her hiking poles togther and scared the pee out of the both of them. The mother ran away and baby ran up a tree for a minute or two then joined her mom on the run. You see nothing can stop a mother bear from protecting her young except..... a mother woodswoman trying to save her yorkie!!!! MY MOM WON! oh my life IS an adventure!

Big Rock Cave/Whitten Brook (pics & video)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Mt.Washington vintage race

Race day on Mt. Washington. This is the Ying and Yang of my life. My Dad loves racing, my Mom loves QUIET. On occation they compromise, Mt. Washington vintage auto race is the best way to find both. Sat. night we slept in the van in the White Mts. Sunday morning...6:00am (?????????are you sure these are my "sleep in" parents??) Anyway, at Mt. Washington early to meet Dad's racing buddy who was racing his car, he also races his motorcycle up Pike's Peak in July (had it with him,I got to sit on it (see pic) ) Dad usually goes with him. It poured all day, thought the guy who has the vintage car with the licence plate that read "RAIN"...says it all! Rained for the whole race, but let up later in the day. Our trip home through the moutains was awesome....Mom got her "QUIET"...Dad got his racing and I, Moxie the Aventure Dog got afternoon sun to bask in all the way home. AAAAHHHHH! We did stop on the way home to take a picture...anyone know why someone would park their car in a pigpen??(see picture)

vintage race Mt. Washington (pics&videos)

Mt. Washington vintage race pics/videos

Monday, September 8, 2008

Flat Mt. Pond

Flat Moutain pond adventure for this weekend. Van camping with Mom & Dad Friday night. I woke up early ready to hike...have I mentioned I LOVE!!!!!! to hike! We cooked breakfast at the van. On the trail before 9:00am, in the rain! Mom and Dad put big blue ponchos on over themselves and their packs...honestly they looked like two huge blueberries. Myself, I was sporting my "hunter blaze orange" raincoat....we must have been quite a sight, that is if anyone saw us, nope no one else crazy enough to hike today! As it turned out the sun came out and we were just ordinary hikers, me and my "large packed parents"!We came on to Flat Mt. Pond around midday and spent a few hours exploring, it was a huge moose wallow! I thought I'd play moose and jumped into the mud WHOPP! "HELP, QUICKSAND!" the mud sucked me down, Mom rescued me phew! We found Flat Mt. Pond shelter and a hand full of nice young men from a private school out for orientation,camping there. We love to see them out here, once you fall in love with the outdoors you'll always come back,for adventure and solace. We continued on to about 6 1/2 miles out and set up camp by an awesome brook. Big campfire then we just got dinner cooked when the rain came...in buckets. Poured all night. Mom and Dad took turns keeping wood on the fire and we watched it from our tent for hours (see video) We stayed dry all night cuddling in the tent, lulled to sleep by the rain. By morning our little brook was a raging river. Everything was sopping wet, but the sun came out and we had a perfect hike out on a loop trail. Dad carried Mom over a couple of river crossings, I made it across all the rivers, except one all by myself! On our way out we saw lots of mushrooms and salamanders. All and all another incredible weekend, even the rain was warm and no...I mean NO bugs! go figure.....and the weather, just a little hurricane blowing up the east....I AM ONE TOUGH ADVENTURE DOG...I AM MOXIE!

campfire in rain video

flat mt. pond pics.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy Labor Day

Even an adventure dog needs a holiday weekend for a little R&R! More adventuring planned for next weekend...stay tuned.